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May 30th 2012

1. Dhillon 2012 - A useful update on how to diagnose and manage persistent pulmonary hypertension in the newborn. Obviously a bit hard to do everything in many places but nice to see where we should be heading.

URL: Dhillon 2012

2. Persson, 2012 - A rather dramatic study suggesting that combining maternal feeding and micronutrient supplementation in early pregnancy may have little effect on birth weight but a long-term effect on under -5 survival. The work in Bangladesh in the best outcome group had an under -5 mortality rate of only 18/1000 - this is about 4 times lower than reported for Kenya!

URL:Persson, 2012

3. Spector, 2012 - A simple but reasonably sized study exploring whether using a simple checklist in hospitals can improve maternal and newborn care - the answer seems to be yes but there are things to think about with regard to implementation and sustaining such approaches

URL:Spector, 2012

4. Liu, 2012 - updated data on rates and causes of child mortality at global and country levels

URL: Liu, 2012


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