Nutrition Videos

Below are some useful Nutrition Films videos.

Food for life: breastfeeding

This film teaches why and how women should breastfeed exclusively until their child is 6 month-old (WHO guidelines)


Food for life: what and when to feed your child (6 to 24 months)

This film teaches what complementary food should be given to children aged 6 to 24 months and when


Food for life: what pregnant women should eat

This film teaches what pregnant women, and women more generally, should eat to stay healthy


2016 Kenya Guidelines

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Kenya adapted WHO guidelines and other evidence to produce very simple Basic Paediatric Protocols for the Government of Kenya. Remember all guidelines of protocols can be out of date, so keep checking for updates - our latest edition was produced in February 2016. Also note that Kenyan guidelines may vary slightly from those of other countries because there is local data or expertise.

Click here to download the latest version of the Basic Paediatric Protocols Booklet 2016



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